Sustainability Spotlights

RUBY Apparel | Keeping Materials in Use

RUBY believes nothing should be classified as waste. It's focussed on solutions to extend the life of garments, and keep materials in circulation. Development and Sustainability Manager Sarah Parker tells us about some of the brands initiatives. Read more

Standard Issue | Care For Life

Through Care for Life, Standard Issue are taking responsibility for their products full life cycle. CEO Emma Ensor tells us more about the brands circular economy initiative. Read more

Untouched World | Repair Workshops

This month we caught up with Development Manager Fiona Bretherton from Untouched World who shared one of the sustainability initiatives they are currently working on. Read more

Deane Apparel | Advancing Circular Business Models

Circular Design Award partner Deane Apparel, a corporate uniform supplier, is working towards keeping its garments in circulation for longer and finding solutions for their end of life. Deane tells us about its circularity principles in this Sustainability Spotlight. Read more

Loveblock | Grown with Love, Made with Care

Mindful Fashion Circular Design Award 2023 partner Loveblock is dedicated to organic grape growing and sustainable winemaking methods which aligns with our principles of circular and sustainable business. Read more

Travelling Sewing Box Project

Brainchild of Victoria Martinez Azaro, the Travelling Sewing Box's objective is to give immigrant women a voice and a sense of participation within society. Read more