Mindful Fashion AGM 2024

Mindful Fashion members, partners and community gathered in Tamaki Makaurau recently for our 5th AGM where we shared our impact and highlights from the last 12 months and our plans for the future.

What the fashion and textiles industry is worth to the New Zealand economy

Aimee Shaw from The Press speaks to industry leaders about the challenges and opportunities uncovered in Threads of Tomorrow.

Mindful Fashion report into state of NZ's fashion industry

Mike Hosking talks to Mindful Fashion CE Jacinta Fitzgerald about the industry's challenges and opportunities for sustainable development.

Threads of Tomorrow

Mindful Fashion launches landmark Industry value report that highlights the industry's significant value and its great potential to contribute to the future prosperity of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Local industry calls for action to curb fashion's textile waste

MFNZ CE Jacinta FitzGerald, speaking with Radio New Zealand, says the local industry wants more action on fashion's textile waste in New Zealand.

Mindful Fashion supports call for Modern Slavery Act

Mindful Fashion has signed an open letter to urge the NZ Government to continue the push to introduce Modern Slavery Legislation into NZ law.

Waste Not, Want Not

Circular Design Award inaugural Editorial Award winner William Fitzgerald is interviewed by Madeleine Crutchley, and shares the inspiration and concept behind his Award winning entry.

Journey to Excellence - M2 Woman

Our CE Jacinta FitzGerald was invited to speak at M2 Woman's Journey to Excellence forum in October 2023, on New Ways of Creating Sustainable Industries.

Awards Gala a night to remember!

The Mindful Fashion Circular Design Awards 2023 was a night to remember, an incredible celebration of fashion and sustainability to see out the year!

Circular Design Award Winners announced!

Celebrating Excellence in Circular Design, we unveil the winners of the inaugural awards and spotlight the best of emerging sustainable fashion design at the Gala celebration in Auckland!

Industry Value & Sustainable Pathways Report

We’re excited to announce the Economic and Sustainability Impact report EY NZ is producing on behalf of New Zealand's clothing and textile industry, and how you can get involved.

Our Impact 2023

Find out about the impact we've created over 2023 as we work to build an innovative, full-circle and thriving future for the fashion and textiles industry in Aotearoa. We've put together a highlight reel and a timeline to share our progress over the last four years.

This is the Way! Climate Action in NZ's Fashion Industry

Fast fashion is routinely lambasted for its climate and environmental performance – and justifiably so. But the sector in this country is not sitting on its hands. Kia Ora October 2023 spotlights our climate action work in NZ's fashion and textile industry.

Expert tips: How to shop for clothes that last

Mindful Fashion stresses the importance of supporting locals in this article from One News highlighting tips on how to shop for clothes that last, with insights from industry experts on where to shop, what to look out for when choosing what to buy, and how to use and care for clothes.

How sustainable is Fashion Week, really?

The role of Fashion Week is evolving due to technology and the rise of fast fashion, and as our CE says, it has a responsibility to promote responsible engagement with fashion. Mindful Fashion adds its voice to this article exploring the changing nature of NZFW.

Mindful Fashion launches inaugural Circular Design Award!

The Mindful Fashion Circular Design Award is a sustainable design competition that challenges creatives to reimagine the fashion system in Aotearoa, using the dual lens of our unique place in the world and the circular economy, to find innovative ways to keep textiles in use.⁠

MFNZ succeeds in advocacy for Machinist Skills training

After 2.5 years of engagement and advocacy, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully achieved recognition of the critical need for skills training for Sewing Machinists in the NZ apparel and textile sector by Hanga-Aro-Rau the Manufacturing Workforce Development Council.

Clothing waste: Does NZ need a tax on fast fashion?

With the recent launch of the Australian Textile Product Stewardship Scheme, Lisa Owen from RNZ's Checkpoint asked our CE Jacinta FitzGerald if NZ needs a tax on clothing entering the NZ market.

TMNZ’s Position as a For-Purpose Business

Tax Management NZ is a for-purpose business, dedicated to making a positive impact on society and the environment. Through its philanthropic arm, Whakatupu Aotearoa TMNZ funds impact initiatives including Mindful Fashion NZ.

Mindful Fashion unveils Fashion Industry Climate Action Toolkit

Mindful Fashion has today unveiled its Climate Action toolkit for clothing & textile businesses. The toolkit has been developed after a successful pilot in 2022 took 10 businesses through a programme to measure their emissions and develop reduction strategies.

Fashion is making some progress on sustainability, this is what needs to come next

10 years on from the Rana plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, our CE Jacinta FitzGerald looks at what progress the industry has made, and where we need to see more ambitious action to address fashions impacts.

Mindful Fashion AGM 2023

We welcomed the Mindful Fashion community from across Aotearoa to our 2023 AGM hosted by the Mindful Fashion Board and Chief Executive Jacinta FitzGerald, where we announced our new Chair Juliette Hogan.

Challenges and opportunities with Textile Waste

Mindful Fashion adds its voice to further illuminate the growing textile waste issues and opportunities in Aotearoa, explored in this segment by TVNZ 1 News.

Viva x Mindful Fashion video series Behind The Seams

Introducing the VIVA x MINDFUL FASHION video series Behind The Seams: What It's really like to work in fashion. We look at the often overlooked roles in the fashion industry and uncover what it’s like to work for some of the country’s leading fashion brands.

Tax Management New Zealand’s Whakatupu Aotearoa Foundation invests back into NZ.

TMNZ invests 100% of its profits back into Aotearoa. Its philanthropic partner Whakatupu Aotearoa shares the impact of working with Mindful Fashion New Zealand.

Issues with Fast Fashion and Textile waste in New Zealand

Mindful Fashion Chief Executive Jacinta FitzGerald talks to One Breakfast about fast fashion, why we need to move to a more circular economy to reduce waste, and what some businesses in NZ are doing about it.

Cactus Outdoor's Repair Programme

Mindful Fashion member Cactus Outdoor and Albion Clothing talked to Seven Sharp about their repair programme keeping quality clothes in use for longer.

Being Mindful in Fashion - Metropol Magazine

Metropol spotlights our work alongside one of our industries leading voices Peri Drysdale from Untouched World.

Mindful Fashion Climate Action Programme - Measuring NZ's Apparel Industry

Good Magazine spotlights how Mindful Fashion's Climate Action Programme supports fashion businesses in New Zealand on their decarbonisation journey.

Bin should be last resort for clothing waste - Mindful Fashion

Programme Director Jacinta FitzGerald speaks with Radio New Zealand about the growing issue of textile waste in Aotearoa, a challenge we need to address at a system level, starting with awareness and education.

Mindful Fashion Meet & Greet Christchurch

Mindful Fashion New Zealand Meet & Greet hosted at the Untouched World cafe in Christchurch. An evening of connecting and learning, and the opportunity to meet and connect with others from the industry.

Design for Disassembly - Circular Design

One of our key work streams at Mindful Fashion is activating the circular economy for our clothing in Aotearoa through circular design. We kickstarted this work with a circular design workshop for our members.

Textile Exchange Climate+ Stories from The Field

Mindful Fashion had the honour of partnering with Textile Exchange last week to bring Climate +, Stories from the Field to the local fashion and textiles industry in New Zealand.

Hanga-Aro-Rau Introduces their Skills and Workforce Leadership Plan

Mindful Fashion are proud to be featured as a spotlight industry in the first Skills and Workforce Leadership Plan developed by Hanga Aro Rau, the Manufacturing, Engineering and Logistics Workforce Development Council.

PwC New Zealand partners with Mindful Fashion

Mindful Fashion is delighted to announce a strategic relationship with PWC New Zealand that will see the firm’s Legal team provide pro bono services to help the fashion industry’s transition to a sustainable future.

Mindful Fashion launches Climate Action Programme

Mindful Fashion New Zealand today launched its Climate Action Programme, an initiative designed to catalyse action and support the local clothing and textiles industry on its decarbonisation journey.