Mindful Fashion is a New Zealand industry collective that aims to strengthen the local clothing and textile industry by promoting long term sustainable growth through responsible business practice and industry investment.

MFNZ Vision

New Zealand’s unique clothing and textile industry inspires better in the world.

MFNZ Mission

We unite the New Zealand clothing and textile industry to create an innovative, full-circle and thriving future.

MFNZ Purpose

We exist because we believe in a future for the New Zealand clothing and textile industry that is inclusive, sustainable and successful.

Membership is open to all members of New Zealand’s clothing and textile community whose values and actions align with the Mindful Fashion mission. We support all industry participants from designers, fabric suppliers, makers, cutters, button-holers, pleaters, embroiderers and more.

We recognise that by working together the industry can pool talent and utilise collective resource to ensure the fastest pathway to successful sustainability outcomes that benefit the wider community.

We need to collaborate, share the burden of challenges, and embrace the opportunities in innovation and sustainability for our industry to thrive.

As Mindful Fashion we are incomparably stronger as a united and collective voice to articulate our sustainability vision for the New Zealand Fashion industry and create positive change.

Our Charter

Our guiding principles as an organisation:

  • Members share the vision and mission of Mindful Fashion New Zealand and aspire to continual improvement.
  • Members conduct their business with honesty, integrity and in a manner which encourages high standards of business ethics.
  • Members respect the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and embrace cultural values and diversity in New Zealand and in all countries in which they operate.
  • Members aspire to provide the most supportive workplaces they can for their employees; ones that are fair, safe and inclusive.
  • Members seek to continually improve their environmental stewardship, and aspire towards making net-positive environmental impacts.
  • Members engage positively with each other and the communities in which they operate.
  • Members are open and transparent about their sustainability practice, including reporting their progress and challenges regularly.
  • Customer-facing members provide as much sustainability information as they can to their customers so they can make informed choices.

Member Expectations

Members are expected to:

  • Agree to the Guiding Principles as set out in our Charter
  • Engage with MFNZ honestly and actively
  • Adopt the MFNZ Code of Conduct
  • Complete a short annual survey on sustainability progress
  • Share local supplier details with MFNZ

Join us.

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