The Mindful Fashion full circle T-shirt showcase
The Mindful Fashion full-circle t-shirt showcases the power of collective action to address shared industry challenges. Kate Sylvester, Wynn Hamlyn and Twenty Seven Names have created bespoke t-shirt prints, and with the help of many other hands in the local clothing industry, these t-shirts have come to life. Read more about the project, and buy yours now to support sustainable development of our industry
Our members are designers, textile & trim suppliers, manufacturers, CMTs, service providers and more.
Mindful Fashion's Framework for Sustainability provides an overview of the sustainability challenges the industry faces.
Read the latest update on our Apprenticeship Program work
Read about some of the challenges NZ's clothing and textiles industry faces.
Where to From Here? A look at the future of fashion for the industry in NZ and globally.
Mike Barry advocates for the fashion industry to reform on sustainability. He talks to members here.
It’s not all work! Some of our Mindful Fashion members at our pre-Christmas 2020 networking event